Avon Medical Centre - Stratford Doctors

Avon Medical Centre, 8 Romeo St, Stratford

We are a four doctor medical practice serving the community of Stratford and surrounding districts.

Our purpose is to provide a service which meets the needs of our patients for all aspects of health care for the whole person.  We offer a full range of high quality primary care for all ages and conditions, in a warm, friendly environment.

We are close to Medlab and part of the Stratford Health Centre building which has physiotherapy and x-ray facilities.

We are pleased to tell you about some important changes to our health centre that will further enhance the quality of healthcare we provide our patients.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jackelien Geerlings joined our team in December 2016.

Patient Portal

  • The ManagaeMyHealthTM  Patient Portal is a secure website which receives our personal health information uploaded from the medical centre's computer system.  It can also be used to store other health-related information which may not be recorded, such as other treatments you have received, or other medications that you may be taking.
  • You can access your personal health information from any internet device at anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • The patient portal will allow you to save time and take care of some of your health needs online.  Some of the services offered by the portal are:
    • View your medical records
    • Book appointments with your doctor or nurse
    • Request repeat prescriptions
    • View lab results
    • Send secure electronic messages to your doctor
    • Receive, recall and appointment reminders
    • Access and maintain your MedicAlert(r) profile
  • You will have more control of your health by having better access to your health information and closer involvement in health care decisions that affect you.

Grab a brochure to find out more or talk to one of our team about registering.

Patient Test Results

We endeavour to inform you of any abnormal or important results but if you have not heard from us within one week we would appreciate that you contact us to confirm that the result has been received and acted upon appropriately.

Patient Access Centre

  • Another change you will notice is that the reception area will become less frantic and more controlled.  The removal of phones ringing at reception will allow our reception team to focus solely on patients at reception without having to juggle this with phones ringing.
  • We have highly experienced staff in Hamilton who will manage all phone calls into the medical centre.  The Patient Access Centre is part of our team.  When you contact us, our team will establish the purpose of your call to see if your query can be managed over the phone or if a face-to-face appointment is required with our GP or nurse.  This means you may have faster or simpler resolutions for queries such as prescriptions or test results.  It also helps the medical centre to be more prepared and have the information they need before your next consultation.
  • This will free up staff at the medical centre to spend more time with those patients that need it.
  • Please be aware that if you need more urgent help on the day, your call will still be transferred through to a nurse as per usual.  The nurse will then decide the best and quickest course of action for you.  Contact with all of our team is completely secure and you remain in control of your health care journey and how you interact with us.

Expanded Medical Centre Team

  • We also have a new and exciting role here at the medical centre.  The medical centre assistant is a new role that will support the clinical team by completing some of the non-clinical tasks normally done by nurses.  This can include checking your height, weight, blood pressure as well as ordering stock and sterilising equipment.


  • The medical centre assistant may well be the first person you see after the receptionist if you need some basic observation taken.
  • As a medical centre is part of the Pinnacle General Practice Network, our health care team has access to the very latest thinking and technology, and determine what approaches will work best to meet your health needs.  We continually assess the quality of the health care we provide so you can be sure our services are of the highest standard.
  • We are very excited about the changes happening at our health centre and hope you are too.  These initiatives are about making it easier for you to get answers to your health concerns, and they're the first of a number of ways in which we will be looking to improve your health care.
  • If you have any queries please feel free to talk to a member of the team.
  • This new way in providing high quality care will help attract more nurses and GPs.
  • We are working hard to make sure you have access to the right health care in 5, 10, 20 years from today and beyond.
  • Fees will remain the same as they are now.
  • You will still have access to the same after hours health care services.

This practice is a member of Midlands Health Network, Taranaki.

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